USRA Announces Bonus Race Program


USRA will have between four to six bonus races during the 2017 race season. This will be a separate points deal. These races will each pay $1,000 to win or more and the top three in points between these races will pay $1,200, $500, and $300. This will be for both FWD and Thunder Bomber. We will announce these dates once they are nailed down. This is separate from the USRA weekly points deal. Thanks and stay tuned. You can contact Scott Childress or Marion Limbaugh to register.

USRA Releases 2017 Rules

The (USRA) Unified Stockcar Racing Association has finalized and released its 2017 rules. To view the rules please refer to the official website of the (USRA) Unified Stockcar Racing Association at . If you have any question on concerns about the rules please contact Scott Childress at 864-346-3588 or Marion Limbaugh at 864-238-2254.

USRA Releases New Website


The (USRA) Unified Stockcar Racing Association is excited to announce the release of their new website at . The website was designed and will be maintained by Thomas Clarke Performance.